NightSeeker Frame

NightSeeker Frame

The NightSeeker frame is Ben Hucke’s Pro Model. It is designed to Ben’s exact spec and geometry. From Hand-plants on dinosaurs to backwards nose mannies this frame can do it all!

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Bike Specs

Frame Diamondback BMX frames are made from Japanese Sanko 4130 chromoly tubing. We chose these tubes because Japan is cool, and 4130 is code for the aircraft quality steel and “BMX.” Really: a million knuckle tattoos and twitter handles can’t be wrong. 4130 is BMX. Once the frame is completed we do a deep cleaning, throw the frames in an oven and then crank up the heat: 500°C for two hours. Then we dial it up to 850°C, where we cook these turkeys for two more hours. That’s hotter than summertime on Mercury. Mercury is in space, next to The Sun. The frames are then dunked in oil, cleaned again, and heated back up to 600°C. A controlled cool-off period sets the hardness in, and boom: a super solid frame, ready for abuse. We could talk about the yield strength of steel alloys, deflection, and tempering. But that’s boring. It’s way more fun to think about your frame being born on another planet. In space!